Mito Organelles (MO)

Introducing A New Era In Biomolecular Medicine And Rejuvenation

EW Villa Medicaa - Mito Organelles (MO)

Mito Organelles (MO) is a fusion of cellular therapy and mitochondrial medicine, whose function has been linked to health and longevity. Its range of peptides extends the horizons of therapeutic rejuvenation and creates new opportunities for anti-aging and aesthetic practitioners.

MO contains an immaculate mixture of cellular peptides, predominantly mitochondria-specific, extracted to ensure rapid cell regeneration and restoration of normal function.

EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO)

Fresh & Pure

100% Natural

Chemical Free

Ecologically Produced


No Pyrogenic

No Preservative


Mitochondria is the power-plant of the cells whose functions are to produce energy, regulate cell cycle, stimulate cell regeneration, and more. However, as the body ages, its function also deteriorates. The key is to regenerate mitochondrial activity, and thus revitalize and rejuvenate cells and tissues as a whole.


EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO), Repair the Cell Viability

the Cell Viability

EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO), Revitalize the Organs

the Organs

EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO), Restore the Anatomy

the Anatomy

EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO), Regenerate the Systems

the Systems

EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO), Regulate and Detox

and Detox

  • Boost ATP synthesis, required for energy storage and transport in cells
  • Improve cellular growth and regeneration
  • Optimize the function of the body
  • Modulate metabolism
  • Eliminate products of chronic oxidative stress

Possibilities beyond conventional surgical methods

EW Villa Medica - Mito Organelles (MO)

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