Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

Restoring The Units Of Life

Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), or NANO is a compelling tissue repairing therapy made of organ-specific cellular extracts and peptide molecules. NOP is procured through a proprietary parallel-extraction process during the manufacturing of Precursor Stem Cells.

NOP is a natural cell-based aesthetic treatment of highly-refined polypeptides procured through the advanced Swiss ultra-filtration technology with multiple-step procedure – Millipore Filters.

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

Organ Specific

All Natural

Chemical Free

Perfume Free

Ecologically Procured

No Preservatives

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)


NOP molecules are extremely small measuring only three (3) nanometres in size (largest is less than 10 kDa) – 1/9 the size of the world’s smallest virus and 17 nanometres in diameter observed under electron microscope.

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides - Only 3 Nano meters
EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides - Geneva Inventions, Gold Medal Winner Best Ingredient Innovation

NANO Aesthetics

Designed To Enrich Your Skin

Nano Organo Peptides (NOP) is a powerful tissue-repairing solution designed to enrich the skin with amino acids, peptide, cytokines and skin-specific products. It works by nourishing, repairing and regenerating the skin, stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes, while restoring the skin’s moisture balance and renewal process.


EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Wound healing

Wound healing

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Treatment of scars, keloids, burns, and devitalized skin

Treatment of scars

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Regeneration and revitalization

Regeneration and revitalization

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Moisturize and balance pigmentation

Moisturize and balance pigmentation

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Lift and firm skin

Lift and firm skin


Considered highly for their natural restorative function, the aesthetic range of NOP currently comprise of a few types of outstanding ingredients: skin, mesenchyme, placental peptides (or in addition with collagen and elastin).

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

NANO Eye / Retina

Eye Drops Instructions


  • All forms of Retinopathy
  • Optic Nerve Atrophy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinitis
  • Eye Floaters
EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), NOP Eyedrop together with the dropper

In the package, there will be the NOP Eyedrops together with the dropper

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Break the silver seal open before cover with the dropper

Break the silver seal open before cover with the dropper


  • Follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Wash your hands before using NOP Eyedrops.
  • Be careful not to let the tip of the dropper touch any part of your eye.
  • Make sure the dropper stays clean.
  • If you are putting in more than one drop or more than one type of eye drop, wait five minutes before putting the next drop in. This will keep the first drop from being washed out by the second before it has had time to work.
  • Store NOP Eye Drops in the refrigerator, at 2-8 degree Celsius.


  • Start by tilting your head backward while sitting, standing, or lying down. With your index finger placed on the soft spot just below the lower lid, gently pull down to form a pocket.
  • Look up. Squeeze one drop into the pocket in your lower lid. Don’t blink, wipe your eye, or touch the tip of the bottle on your eye or face.
  • Gently press on the inside corner of your closed eyes with your index finger and thumb for two to three minutes (to keep the drops from draining into your throat and getting into your system).
  • Close your eye. Keep closed for three minutes without blinking..
  • Blot around your eyes to remove any excess.
  • Wash your hands as soon as you’re done to remove any medication still there.

If you are not sure the drop actually got in your eye, put in another drop. The eyelids can hold only about one drop, so any excess will just run out of the eye. It is better to have excess run out than to not have enough medication in your eye.

NANO Sublingual

Sublingual Use Instructions

EW VIlla Medica - NANO Sublingual Use Instructions

a. Clean hands properly with soap and water prior to handling all materials.
b. Sit upright in a comfortable chair with a good back support.
c. Lay out all materials needed on the clean table. You may place all materials on a clean cloth or paper towel.
d. Do not eat or drink when administering extract.
e. Suggest not to smoke for at least an hour before you take sublingual extract.
(Cigarette or any electric smoke can make the constriction of blood vessels and thus it can reduce the absorption).


EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

Nano Organo Peptides

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), 3 ml syringe

3 ml syringe

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP), Needle 18G

Needle 18G


a. Connect the needle to the syringe

EW VIlla Medica - NANO Sublingual Use Instructions

b. Draw air into the syringe by drawing back the plunger to fill the syringe with air up to the dose that you’ll be using (2.5 ml). (This makes it easier to draw the medication into the syringe. Don’t worry — if you forget this step, you can still get the medication out of the vial)

EW VIlla Medica - NANO Sublingual Use Instructions

c. Remove the seal and metal cap from the vial and it will reveal the rubber stopper that seals the vial.

d. Remove the needle cap off and push the needle through the rubber stopper at the top of the vial. Inject all of the air into the vial.

a. Remove the syringe by gently twisting while maintaining the needle in the vial.

EW VIlla Medica - NANO Sublingual Use Instructions

b. Open your mouth and raise your tongue. Gently push the plunger to drop all the contents of the syringe (2.5 mL extract) under the tongue. Maintain the liquid under the tongue for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute until the liquid is fully absorbed. You may also swirl the extract (under the tongue) before swallowing.
c. Wait a few minutes (5 minutes) before drinking or rinsing the mouth to ensure that the medication has dissolved completely.
d. When taking more than 2 types of extracts allow for a 5-minute interval before taking the next extract.

Possibilities beyond conventional surgical methods

EW Villa Medica - Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

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