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  • ANSWER: Cell Therapy is indicated for rejuvenation and preventive health purposes. It also addresses a wide array of chronic health conditions. Anyone interested to receive Cell Therapy would need to submit in their pre-therapy medical checkup/test to determine their suitability for the therapy.

  • ANSWER: Certain contraindications include pregnancy, acute infection, decompensated circulatory disorders, advanced kidney disease, active cancer or ongoing chemotherapeutic /radiologic /immunosuppressant treatment and chronically ill or bedridden patient.

  • ANSWER: Effectiveness of Cell Therapy is gauged differently for every individual because the indication and goal of treatment is personalised. Each individual’s unique differences can affect the effectiveness of the treatment such as genetics, lifestyle, patient compliance, degree or severity of the disease (diabetes), and other underlying conditions such as individual’s immunity and overall health.

  • ANSWER: It is safe and effective though there may be few side-effects that could be experienced post-injection such as mild burning on the injection site, redness, warmth or mild fever, these are considered to be signs of an immune reaction signaling an effective implantation of the cells.

  • ANSWER: The cells are injected intramuscularly into the patient’s body. This method has been found to be most effective and safest.

  • ANSWER: Benefit starts after 2-6 weeks. But there may be an immediate effect, which will last 4-7 days.

  • ANSWER: Despite being previously qualified, the patient should inform our Medical Department should there be any changes in the condition such as active infection – fever, cough, colds. Upon arrival, an initial consultation with the EW Villa Medica doctors is routine. During consultation, the doctors may order certain lab tests and shall have the final decision of whether a patient is still eligible to receive Cell Therapy.

  • ANSWER: There is no particular time of the year that is most suitable for treatment. However, scheduling treatment in advance is recommended, given the increased popularity of the treatment. For most patients residing in 4 seasons countries that require a boost of immunity, it is best that treatment be done in the early fall before the winter season.

  • ANSWER: Cell Therapy utilizes fetal cells that were prepared carefully by a team of healthcare professionals, following strict guidelines set by the German Health Authorities in a GMP compliant surgery unit which ensured the cells are FREE of clinical and serological zoonosis.

  • ANSWER: To prepare the body to receive Cell Therapy by lowering any possible infl ammatory reactions, the patient is given intravenous pre-treatment and Ozone Therapy. There are 9 – 12 personalised injections prepared. All are injected intramuscularly into the gluteal muscles (buttocks). For joint and skin injections, the cell suspension is injected directly around the affected joint or directly on the skin (face, scalp, hands, neck, body). After the injections, patients are required to rest, are monitored and treated throughout the duration of their stay in the clinic.

  • ANSWER: As in any medical procedure, there is a small risk of an allergic reaction happening and as such precautions are taken to both minimise that risk and preparations are made to treat the reaction if it does happen. Should there be any incident or reaction please contact us immediately to help manage the situation.

  • ANSWER: With EW Villa Medica’s follow-up protocol, two types of results are being monitored post Cell Therapy – qualitative and quantitative. Observed qualitative measures are improvements noted and reported by patients after their Cell Therapy while clinical quantitative measures are based on repeat laboratory examination comparing pre and post treatment laboratory panels.

  • ANSWER: Cell Therapy never promises complete healing. It is a regenerative treatment that utilises the body’s own healing mechanism to regenerate and heal naturally. Results vary with individuals depending on their age, physical conditions, lifestyle, eating habits, and the state of the disease. In general, people experience resilience in stressful occasions, more youthful appearance and younger skin, enhanced fertility, reduction of certain physical symptoms and improvement of health and general wellbeing.

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